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Why are glasses so expensive ?

One factor: the world’s largest eyewear company, the Italian firm Luxottica, controls a big chunk of the business




Amazon Unveils Flying Robot DRONES

Once in a while, somebody comes along and introduces a technology that makes you feel like you just might live to experience the sort of future that you thought only existed in sci-fi movies. That’s how we felt when we heard that founder and CEO Jeff Bezos announced a flying robot drone delivery system.

Bezos reveals the technology in an interview with 60 Minutes and shows us how it works. When a customer orders a product and selects drone delivery, the package is picked up from one of Amazon’s warehouses and flown to a customer up to 10 miles away from the warehouse. The drones will be fully robotic and will find their delivery locations by GPS. “In urban areas, you could actually cover very significant portions of the population. And so, it won’t work for everything; you know, we’re not gonna deliver kayaks or table saws this way,” said Bezos.

“I don’t want anybody to think this is just around the corner. This is years of additional work from this point,” continued Bezos. The project can’t go live any earlier than 2015, when the FAA is expected to approve rules for the drones. While the drone in the video seems noisy, it can’t be denied that 30-minute delivery would be very convenient, and because the drones run on electricity, it would be a greener delivery vehicle than a truck.

Amazon is no stranger to using technological innovations to get ahead – take a look at this article about the inside of Amazon’s massive warehouses.

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IKEA – Website-within-a-Website

The Swedish furniture giant built the first website-within-a-website on the social network because of course they did.

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Revealed: How Steve Jobs Turns Customers into Fanatics

Photo via powerbooktrance

Marketers gaze in envy at brands like Apple. The firm that began with the Mac has turned their customers into legions of fanatical evangelists. But, without a Steve Jobs at the helm, or with fewer resources than Apple, is building that kind of loyalty possible? I’ve got good news: while having a visionary and charismatic CEO is a big plus, it isn’t necessary to build a fan base, or even a fanatic base. One big secret of Apple’s success lies in an experiment conducted 40 years ago.

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