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90% of the startups fail !!

10% of the startups succeed. There is a good reason why it does …that is ” they know how to recover ” this picture i took last night which made me to write this post.

Infinite options to customers have made it so difficult for new startups new businesses to survive. Gone are the days of monopolistic markets…

Only who realise a simple thing which is get the customer in your zone will survive . Only those who try harder will get respect from customers. Only those who make an effort will get benefits. Only those..

Last night while going to my office party i spotted this Jollibee mascot ( Its a fast food chain from philipines like Mcdonalds ) bang opposite Mc Donalds ,Pizza hut , KFC ,Burgerking ,Papajohns.. waving to everyone who is passing by …it definately caught my attention. If i was not going to this party i would have definately checked their food out. Being a weekend on this busy food street was not so busy..Big names were getting their regular customers ..this Restaurant was trying hard to survive among big giants…and trust me they had more customers than Kfc ,Mcdonalds combined. GoodJob !!

Not only in hospitality any business ..only those who make an effort and only those who work harder will go a long way.